What is symptom logging, and why is it important?

Symptom logging can help patients and physicians better understand cardiac symptoms. By wearing and using Skiin, patients can log any symptoms they have using the Skiin Connected Life app. The app then seamlessly shares this data with their cardiac care team, who in turn can use it to more effectively assess the efficacy of treatments, and adjust medications accordingly. If a patient notices an increase or decrease in symptom severity they will be able to discuss with their cardiac care team whether this fluctuation is due to lifestyle changes or medication adjustments. Symptom logging can be particularly useful for patients living in remote communities, who may have reduced mobility or limited access to transportation, and for those maintaining a stable heart condition.

Symptom logging is also helpful because it allows patients to monitor their symptoms over longer periods of time vs. a short office visit. For example, a patient may only see their doctor at 3-month intervals after being discharged from the hospital following a cardiac event; in this case, they may welcome having ongoing data about their symptoms that are tracked over weeks and months instead of days.

Symptom logging with Skiin

By wearing Skiin garments and using the Skiin Connected Life app, patients are able to conveniently and discreetly share any symptoms they’re experiencing with their healthcare practitioners by using the app’s Diary feature. Along with the patient’s ECG data—which is also continuously uploaded—a partnered cardiologist will be able to view their patient's symptoms and compare both sets of data using the Myant Virtual Clinic Portal. Should any abnormalities or areas of concern arise, the patient’s cardiologist can then able schedule a virtual appointment with them to discuss their symptoms in more depth. Should it be warranted, their cardiologist can then ask the patient to come for an in-person visit.

Myant Health Skiin CVD patient logging symptoms

Symptom logging with Skiin is fast, simple, discreet, and provides valuable information to the patient’s cardiac care team. Successful management of a cardiac condition requires readily accessible symptom-logging tools that are neither burdensome, stressful, nor time-consuming. Skiin accomplishes all of that, making it easier for patients to consistently track their symptoms and modify their daily routine based on how they’re feeling and feedback from their care team.

Data driven insights

Another major benefit of consistent, rigorous symptom logging is the detailed data it provides a patient and their healthcare providers. When a patient logs their symptoms regularly and consistently, their cardiologist can see emerging patterns in their heart health and take action as needed. Patients can reference these diary entries to know when to follow up with their physician, which can help stop a condition from worsening by taking early preventative action. 

Frequent symptom logging, along with the patient’s ECG and other biometric health information, provides the care team with a consistent, accurate view of the patient’s cardiac baseline. The ability to revisit this historical data can help to identify patterns in symptom frequency and severity, which may indicate an improvement or deterioration in a patient’s condition over time. In other words, logging symptoms with Skiin helps build a picture of what is happening to a patient’s heart and helps provide clarity and insight to their care team.

Confidence in care

Logging symptoms in the Skiin Connected Life app can give patients more confidence and peace of mind in facing their heart condition while making them feel more involved in the process of managing it. In particular, symptom logging can help patients feel more in control of their health by helping them track the status of their condition, and by monitoring the effectiveness of treatment plans prescribed by their cardiologist.

Myant Health Patient meeting with cardiologist during remote clinic
Revealing hidden patterns

Symptom logging can be used to create a personalized and holistic view of a patient’s cardiac health by revealing patterns over time. Since these patterns might not be immediately apparent, tracking symptoms using the Skiin Connected Life App’s Diary feature will help both the patient and their healthcare providers spot irregularities and make informed decisions regarding their care. 

Once a patient establishes a baseline that is personal to them—a snapshot of how their body reacts to everyday stimuli and activities—they’re more likely to notice changes over time. If a patient starts to feel unwell, it will be easier for them and their doctors to pinpoint what may have caused the sensation and whether it’s happened before. This information, along with Skiin’s daily ECG readings, is crucial for taking preventative action.

A simple, useful, and powerful tool

Skiin’s Diary feature allows cardiac patients to regain control over their health, and provides their healthcare practitioners with deeper insights into their patient's cardiac health. Logging symptoms in the Skiin Connected Life App’s Diary feature is quick, easy, and straightforward. With one simple step, patients are empowered to engage in preventive cardiac care and build a broader picture of their heart health—one that will allow both patients and their care team to make informed decisions about future treatment plans. 

Instead of taking time off work to travel to their cardiologist’s office to tell them their symptoms, where they may or may not be scheduled for a follow-up, patients can now save time and stress by logging their symptoms remotely in the Skiin Connected Life App. Check out our website to learn more about how Skiin and Myant Health are working towards a new standard of cardiac care. Visit myanthealth.com/patients.

Written by Curtis O'Connor

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