2022 Myant Journal Publications

As a thought-leader in groundbreaking and creative textile-based solutions, and the creator of the Skiin Textile Computing™ Platform, Myant has over 12 years of experience, innovation and research in the textile industry. Myant’s products are applicable to many areas—including healthcare, wellness, sports, and veterinary medicine to name a few. Our research publications reflect this unique, diverse breadth of topics, and include partners from institutions in Canada and across the globe.

Myant’s white paper includes a varied, in-depth list of research publications—ranging from topics such as ‘Modeling and Reproducing Textile Sensor Noise,’ to ‘Multichannel ECG Recording From Waist Using Textile Sensors,’ and ‘Dry Textile Electrodes for Long-term Electrocardiographic Monitoring.’ These publications discuss at length the science and technology behind Myant’s products and solutions.

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