Hardwired for Connection

As human beings, we are inextricably tied to one another. After all, humans are social creatures. Not only do we enjoy the presence of other people, we need other people. In fact, studies have shown that we’re hardwired for connection with other humans. There are many things we simply cannot do on our own—the last two and a half years or so has proven as much. As mammals engineered for social interaction, the pandemic has shown to be especially difficult. For example, it goes against our social and physical nature to remain apart from each other, and yet many of us have done just that for months on end. For thousands of years, our survival has been dependent on being part of a group, but all too often modern society separates us.

intersection of technology and human connection

As a company that lies at the intersection of technology and human connection, we understand the need to form stronger bonds between us and those around us. One way we can do this is to support each other in times of need; and there is no greater example of this than caring for the health of our loved ones.

At some point in our lives, each of us will need to rely on the healthcare system. Whether you go to your physician’s office for a routine checkup or receive a difficult diagnosis, you are participating in an intricate system of healthcare providers and institutions. This system can be complex and confusing, and difficult to navigate for those who aren’t in good health. Although it’s obvious that the system would crumble without the gracious and compassionate care we receive from nurses, physicians, and other healthcare practitioners, the same is also true of family caregivers. From parents and children, to grandchildren, nieces, and nephews—our families play a pivotal role in caring for our health. Without that drive to an appointment or nightly phone call to check in, our healthcare system would be even more strained than it already is.

Your Connected Care Circle

cardiac patients and their families should feel empowered

At Myant, we believe that cardiac patients and their families should feel empowered. That’s why we’ve partnered with PACE Cardiology, a world leading cardiology clinic, to bring The Myant Virtual Clinic to their patients. We believe that by leveraging their Connected Care Circle—loved ones, healthcare providers and caregivers—PACE patients will be able to receive more personalized, effective, and holistic care.

The first step is to wear your Skiin garment and download the Skiin Connected Life app. By wearing the garment and using the app you’ll be able to view several biometrics including your heart rate, body temperature, activity, and location. You can then share these biometric indicators, as well as your ECG data, with your cardiology team for their analysis and consultation.  

You can also share your biometric data with your loved ones and caregivers, so they can keep track of your health too. For example, if you have heart disease and your family worries about you having a heart attack, it can provide them with some peace of mind knowing that they can continuously view your heart rate and location. If you're the child of a cardiac patient, then you know how stressful it can be not knowing where your loved one is, whether they made it home on time, etc. With Skiin, you can see their location, whether they made it home when they said they would, and some of their key health metrics—it gives you peace of mind to know where your loved one is and how their health is doing.  

By sharing your location, heart rate, and other biometric data with your Connected Care Circle, you and your loved ones can feel empowered to take control of your cardiac health.

In addition, by being more active in their loved one’s care family members can help improve adherence through schedule change reminders or medication reminders. After all, patients who are able to comply with prescribed care regimens have been shown to experience lower rates of readmission after discharge from the hospital or emergency room.

The Skiin Connected Life app allows you to limit what information you wish to share, meaning you get to choose what you want to share and who you want to share it with.

Connected, Empowered, Engaged

Skiin helps you and your loved ones feel more connected

Family monitoring with Skiin helps you and your loved ones feel more connected and engaged in each other’s care. It empowers you to care for one another, even when you can’t be physically present. It also allows physicians and health care providers to give greater and higher-value care to their patients by providing them with better tools and encouraging deeper connections with their patients.

The goal of family monitoring is to increase engagement and compliance with treatment plans and to reduce hospital readmissions. By making our loved ones a part of our Care Circle we all serve to benefit. After all, in a disconnected world, we must find ways to connect with each other—even when we’re far apart. By leveraging our Textile Computing™ platform with your Connected Care Circle, Skiin allows you to do just that.

Written by Curtis O'Connor

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