How SKIIN Supports Women’s Heart Health

When it comes to cardiovascular disease (CVD), many women are under-diagnosed, under-treated, and under-supported during recovery. Additionally, most CVD support has been designed with men in mind, leaving women under-served. As natural caregivers, they often prioritize their family over their own health. At MyantHealth, we wanted to ensure that form and function were specifically incorporated into our designs for women, so that their health remains a priority. SKIIN™, MyantHealth’s wearable technology, is a system of Health Canada-Licenced biometric undergarments that women can wear without changing their daily habits and routines. SKIIN lets women easily monitor their symptoms, stay connected to a cardiologist remotely, and have assurance knowing that they’re connected to their loved ones 24/7.

How does it work?

Sensors knitted into SKIIN garments collect the patient’s ECG, heart rate, body temperature, steps, posture, activity, and location; while sleep, respiration rate, in addition to HRV, RHR, and personal baseline will soon be made available. By wearing SKIIN garments and using the Skiin Connected Life App, women can monitor their heart health while going about their daily routine. 

SKIIN lets women share their data with a cardiologist remotely by connecting to their cardiology clinic using the Skiin Connected Life App. They can also track, record, and share their symptoms using the app’s Diary feature.

These symptom entries are viewable by their cardiologist—along with time-related ECG and other biometric health data—in the Myant Virtual Clinic Portal. Using the portal, cardiologists have the ability to retrospectively view the patient’s data from whenever the patient was wearing SKIIN, empowering them with the kind of evidence-based tools they need to make informed decisions about their patients’ health. 

No matter where they live, patients will receive 24/7 support from their loved ones by sharing their data using the Skiin Connected Life App’s Community feature. Family monitoring with SKIIN gives women and their care circle greater peace of mind and enables them to care for each other—anytime, anywhere.

Stay connected throughout the day

In order to provide women with increased access to improved cardiac care without needing to alter their lifestyle or everyday routines, our SKIIN collection gives multiple options: SKIIN Bra and SKIIN Chest Band.

Since all SKIIN garments are machine washable, they can be easily washed and dried with the rest of the wearer’s laundry using the SKIIN wash bag. 

The SKIIN Pod can be seamlessly swapped between the entire SKIIN collection, allowing women to choose the garment that’s right for them depending on the activity or time of day. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, SKIIN has you covered—24/7


Our SKIIN Bra has a fitted pullover design. We designed this bra to have minimal seaming and used 3D knitting technology to place specific knit structures within the garment for improved performance. A knit-in support zone provides bust shaping and lift, while a much stretchier knit structure at the back of the bra ensures a high degree of comfort. There are mesh zones for ventilation in high sweat zones. This style features a racer back design to provide a secure fit and allows for greater comfort during motion. Thanks to 3D knitting technology, the transitions between all knit structures are seamless, resulting in a high performing but still very comfortable knitted bra. 

Whether taking your dog for a walk, doing your morning yoga routine, or going for a long hike in the woods, the SKIIN Bra is the perfect performance option for light, active movement. 

Made in Canada. Available Colours: Black 


SKIIN Chest Band

The SKIIN Chest Band is a unisex, single knit garment with an adjustable front closure. A low-profile design provides maximum versatility for every body type. The SKIIN Chest Band can be worn discreetly under most undergarments, and is a perfect option for women that prefer to wear traditional cut & sew bras with wires and push up. The Chest Band sits directly underneath the bra, letting it be worn with any style of garment.

Made in Canada. Available Colours: Black

All-day options for every body type

A key factor in early intervention and treatment of heart disease is identifying symptoms sooner, especially in women. Many women are still unaware that heart disease is their number one killer and the key to changing that is giving women the tools they need to monitor their symptoms, ECG, and other key biometric data. Our SKIIN Bra and Chest Band gives women options to monitor their heart health throughout the day, no matter their lifestyle or daily routine.

To purchase SKIIN, and to learn more about how MyantHealth is working to help improve women’s cardiovascular health, go to

Written by Curtis O'Connor

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