SKIIN Series 2 Bras Now Available - Keeping You Covered 24/7

One of the keys to effective intervention and treatment of heart disease in women is noticing signs and symptoms early on. Improving awareness and understanding is vital to reduce its deadly impact, but this requires close monitoring and the ability to identify key symptoms sooner. At MyantHealth, we understand that the best way forward is to provide women with the tools they need to monitor their heart health all day long.

When we set out to design our line of SKIIN™ bras, we knew that we needed to give women these tools, while giving them options to suit their lifestyles without impacting their daily habits and routines. As part of MyantHealth’s Digital Health Platform, our lineup of SKIIN garments gives women multiple form factors to track their heart data—including ECG, heart rate, and other biometric indicators. By wearing SKIIN garments, women can tap into this platform and share their data with a cardiologist remotely, as well as their loved ones for their care and support.

In a recent blog post, we discussed how our SKIIN Bra and SKIIN Chest Band are giving women options to monitor their heart health. Today we’re introducing our Series 2 (S2) bras to offer next-level versatility. The SKIIN S2 Bralette is a perfect everyday option that can be worn under any top, while the SKIIN S2 Lounge Bra was designed with maximum comfort in mind. No matter what your day brings, SKIIN has you covered—24/7.

SKIIN S2 Bralette 

When designing the SKIIN S2 Bralette, we wanted to create a comfortable and supportive everyday bra. This design features a 2-layer construction with internal pockets and soft, removable, lightly-padded cups. Through seamless knitting we added a compression zone under the bust and shaped the cups, providing you with wireless support. Fully adjustable straps, as well as an adjustable band, make this option highly adaptable to a wider range of bodies. This design features a low-cut neckline that lets it be worn under any top. 

If you’re heading to the office, picking up groceries, or taking your kids to hockey practice, SKIIN S2 Bralette is the perfect everyday option.

Made in Canada. Available Colours: Black, Light Grey, Mauve and Burgundy.

SKIIN S2 Lounge Bra

The SKIIN S2 Lounge bra was designed with maximum comfort in mind. This style will provide the greatest comfort during sleep and is the perfect choice for lounging around at home. The bra is made of a single layer of soft, single jersey knit material, while the back of the bra has a deep, U-shape design ensuring minimal to no pressure is applied to the shoulders. Like all S2 Bras, this style has an active band, with a soft seamless adjustable closure. 

Whether you’re spending the day at home watching movies, heading to sleep, or looking for the ultimate in comfort from your SKIIN garment, the SKIIN S2 Lounge Bra is the perfect option.

Made in Canada. Available Colours: Black, Light Grey, Mauve and Burgundy

Monitor your heart health all day long

Giving women the tools they need to fight heart disease is crucial for improving the health and quality of life of all women. At MyantHealth, we’re working to reduce the stigma and stereotypes around heart disease by giving women the ability to share their health data with a cardiologist discreetly and remotely. With SKIIN, women will feel empowered on their journey and can seek the help they need to prevent or manage heart disease in order to live long, healthy lives.

To find out more about SKIIN and learn about MyantHealth’s mission to improve the cardiovascular health of all patients, go to For exclusive access to our catalogue, use code INSKIIN before checkout.

Written by Curtis O'Connor

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