What is Baseline Summary?

The key to better health and wellness begins by understanding where you are—right now. By establishing this starting point, you now know exactly where you’ve been on your health and wellness journey, and have a sense of where you want to go next.

By continuously wearing your Skiin biosensing garment, you will collect and visualize what we call your Baseline Summary Report: a visualization of your health over various lengths of time. Viewable within the Skiin Connected Life App, your summary represents your past and current health states and trends. These summaries help you interpret your health over various lengths of time, and serve as a starting point that allows you to understand your unique health and wellness. Your Baseline Summary Report comprises three parts: your Daily Value, &-Day Average, and 30-Day Personal Long-Term Range.

Your Daily Value

Skiin measures your health metrics during the night, syncing this data with the Skiin Connected Life App. Every morning, you can review your Daily Value: the average of last night’s health metrics. This report includes your sleep, core body temperature, breathing rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV). Your Daily Value can track changes in your health day-to-day.

Your 7-Day Average

While your Daily Value is captured each night and delivered to your Baseline Summary Report in the morning, your 7-Day Average is a 7-day moving average of your health and wellness. This 7-day trend gives you insights into more recent or immediate changes in your lifestyle that may affect your health, like a new exercise program, a stressful project, or a new medication.

Your Personal Long-Term Range

While your 7-Day Average gives you a short-term understanding of your health and wellness, your 30-Day Personal Long-Term Range is a visualization of your historical health ranges. Skiin calculates the 1st and 3rd percentiles of the last 30 days (a moving average) so you have insight into your unique biology and physiology as you make long-term changes to your lifestyle. If you’ve been exercising, practicing breathing exercises, or meditating for a few weeks, your Personal Long-Term Range will help you uncover trends.

Health & Wellness Metrics

To help you understand your health and build your Baseline Summary Report, Skiin collects several health & wellness metrics. Each of these metrics plays an important role in the holistic understanding of your wellbeing.

Sleep Score

Your Sleep Score is a measure of your sleep quality based on the duration, quality, and your movement while you sleep. Sleep scores closer to 100 (the maximum) show a good night’s rest, while sleep scores 60 or below show a less restful, restorative sleep.

A healthy sleep score is affected by many factors. For example, exercising right before bedtime or drinking coffee later in the afternoon may negatively affect your sleep score. Keeping your bedroom cool and practicing breathing exercises or medication before may improve your sleep quality.

Core Body Temperature

Skiin uses tactile sensors built into garments to measure your Core Body Temperature while you sleep. Average core body temperature ranges between 36.1°C (97°F) and 37.2°C (99°F), although this depends on a wear’s environment, age, sex, stress levels, and other factors.

Both abnormally hot and cold temperatures may show an existing illness, a developing illness, or excessive exposure to heat or cold.

Breathing Rate

Breathing rate (also called respiratory rate) is the number of breaths you take per minute while you sleep. Typical breathing rate ranges for adults are well established in literature: 18-65 years usually take 12-20 breaths/min, and 65+ years olds take 12-25 breaths/min.

Despite these ranges being the normal, Skiin will help you determine what your personal breathing rate is each day, what your trends are over the short term, and your personal long-term ranges based on your breathing data.

Resting Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is the number of times your heart beats in 1 minute (bpm). A regular RHR for adults can range anywhere between 40-100 bpm. Everyone’s RHR, just like many of these metrics, will be unique to the individual and often is not easily comparable to others. Tracking your RHR over time can give you insight into what is normal for you, and how your overall health is trending.

A lower RHR (under 60 bpm) can show good recovery, improved cardiovascular fitness, and good overall health. Day-to-day fluctuations are normal, so keep an eye out for your short- and long-term trends.
A short-term and long-term decrease in the average Resting HR is a desirable outcome, whereas an increase could be a sign of some disruption. For example, a late-night meal, disruption of sleeping patterns, or chronic stress can cause an increased RHR.

Heart Rate Variability

Skiin measures the average heart rate variability (HRV) between each heartbeat (measured in milliseconds) during sleep. A healthy heart does not beat heart rate does not beat steadily throughout the day; instead, it varies. This variation can be interpreted simply as a reflection of your body’s preparedness: your ability to react to changes and perform athletically.

HRV is incredibly variable across populations, so it is important to only compare your current HRV to your historical records. HRV increases when the heart is beating more slowly, during restful conditions, and decreases during high-intensity or stressful conditions, when the heart is beating faster. A decrease in HRV can also be a sign of something disrupting your body, such as stress, illness, and poor lifestyle habits.

All of this disparate data is united to create a foundation—your Personal Long-Term Range—in order to allow you to develop a better understanding of your general health and wellbeing, as well as how events, activities, and habits affect your health.

What is Baseline Summary?

Your Baseline Summary Report gives you a solid foundation as you continue your health and wellness journey. Because each of us has our own unique physiology, we learn more about it. It can reveal how your habits, activities, and lifestyle affect your health.

Through your Baseline Summary, you can increase your awareness of the things that can and will cause deviations. For example, a stressful week at work could cause an increase in heart rate over a short period. When reviewing your health data, this increase and deviation from what is normal for your body will be clear and can be traced back to the circumstances of that period.

When you can note what is happening in your life externally, paired with both how your body feels and how your body is physically responding to this, you have a remarkably comprehensive perspective on yourself, your habits, and your health.

This greater awareness of both your baseline and when/how you deviate from it can also function as a predictor of future health risks: by being aware of your body in a new way, and understanding what is normal and abnormal for your own health, you can gain far greater insight into your developing health and wellness.

What are some actionable ways Skiin and my Baseline Summary can help me reach my health and wellness goals?

Here are a few ways you can use Skiin to track towards your health and wellness goals.

  • By setting goals and informing your loved ones, you can get more support and have higher levels of success along your health and wellness journey. Skiin lets you connect with your loved ones, share your real-time health metrics, and communicate in a new way, directly through the app.

  • It is easy to be hard on ourselves when we compare our health and wellness data to someone else. However, comparing your health metrics against an average or range may not provide much insight into your wellness; these insights can vary significantly, even in very healthy individuals. Consult your Baseline Summary Report to see how you are trending.

  • When you make minor changes to your lifestyle, observe how your metrics change over shorter periods of time (Daily Value and your 7-Day Trend). The accumulation of positive changes—including exercise, meditation, diet, and more—can lead to significant improvements to your health metrics over your 30-Day Personal Long-Term Range and beyond.

    By wearing the Skiin form factors that fit into your lifestyle throughout the day, you can stay continuously connected to yourself and to those in your support network. From Day 1 with Skiin, your Baseline Summary will serve as your foundation—somewhere you can return to every day to understand how your body is feeling, how it is changing over time, and how you are moving toward your unique goals.

    Health is personal—your biology and physiology is unique, and you deserve tools and solutions that empower you to take ownership of your health and wellness. When you unlock your baseline with Skiin, you’re making progress towards truly knowing you.

    Written by Skiin Team

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