A New Form of Remote Patient Monitoring

At Myant, we’re on a mission to empower humanity through connected textiles. In pursuit of that mission we teamed up with PACE Cardiology to bring to its patients a new form of remote patient monitoring—one that puts the patient at the centre of their care circle, and empowers them to take control of their health.

Up until now, patient care has been episodic, reactive, centralized, and performed using old technology. This added up to a poor patient experience, denying the patient agency and control over their health.

An acceleration of the need for virtual care brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred advancements in remote care. While in its most basic forms it takes the patient/provider interaction out of the physical space and into the digital domain, this model of care can help us move towards a preventative, data-driven, patient-centred, and scalable healthcare model..

With this in mind, we are creating the Myant Virtual Clinic to bring forth a new model of care—one that puts the patient first and provides continuous, always-on care that is tailored to the patient’s needs.

Continuous Connection, Continuous Care

Combining Skiin—Myant’s Connected Clothing System—and Myant’s Clinical Portal, The Myant Virtual Clinic will allow patients to receive care from the comfort of their home. Not only will it empower patients, but also their clinicians by providing both with real time data.

The patient will select their preferred Skiin garment, which when worn captures their Heart Rate, core body temperature, and other health metrics. These will be securely uploaded and saved to the cloud, which can in turn be viewed by the patient using the Skiin Connected Life App, and by the clinician using the Myant Clinical Portal.

Using Myant’s Clinical Portal, PACE’s Cardiology team will have access to a patient’s Digital Expressive Presence—a visualization of the patient’s current and historical health data, including medical-grade ECG, heart rate, breathing rate, and other wellness biometric data. This digital representation of the patient’s health data will give the PACE team a more holistic view of the patient’s health and wellbeing—allowing them to better respond to the patient’s needs.

ECG Recording

By wearing a Skiin garment, patients will be continuously and remotely connected to the PACE team of cardiologists. Each garment contains sensors that collect ECG data throughout the day.

Symptom Logging

Another major component of the Myant Virtual Clinic is the Skiin Connected Life app’s Symptom Logging feature. As patients go about their day they are able to record any symptoms they may have in the Skiin app’s Diary section. Those entries, along with the ECG and full set of contextual biosensor data at the time of the symptoms, will be shared with the patient’s cardiologist, who can then determine if those symptoms warrant a visit or an intervention.

Remote Monitoring

By logging their symptoms and wearing their Skiin garments, patients will provide their cardiologists with a consistent, comprehensive overview of their current and historical heart health. Should a patient experience a cardiac event, their cardiologist will be able to review their biometric data leading up to the event. Should it be warranted, the cardiologist can then schedule a remote consultation. From there an in-person appointment can be scheduled should it be required.

Family Monitoring

Using the Skiin app, a patient’s family members can view their loved ones’ health data and keep an eye out for any irregularities or areas of concern. If, for example, a patient complains to their loved one about chest pain, their loved one can monitor for any symptoms that may indicate a problem. By forming a Connected Care Circle, the patient and their family will be able to monitor the patient’s health more closely.

Wellness Tracking

In addition to ECG and heart rate, Skiin also tracks the patient’s sleep, respiration rate, steps, posture, and location. In the coming months, PACE will be launching a wellness initiative, providing their patients with top-class wellness coaching from their team of health coaches, exercise physiologists, and dieticians

Written by Skiin Team

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