Myant Virtual Clinic to bring remote healthcare services to patients. Scaling of the partnership with PACE Cardiology will make that dream a reality.


As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and change, we need to keep finding new ways to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. The Myant Virtual Clinic is a program that uses Myant Textile Computing™—the combination of bio-sensing textiles made from a thin layer of knitted fabrics with embedded sensors. These garments will help patients monitor their health from home, and easily communicate with their doctor remotely. In December of 2021, Myant announced its partnership with PACE Cardiology, and a large-scale study designed to assess the viability of this approach in monitoring patients suffering from atrial fibrillation.

Myant’s Textile Computing™ measures the body’s core temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability, multi-lead ECG, sleep and activity. Using the patient’s phone this data is securely sent to the Myant cloud, where it can be analyzed by a medical professional. This approach can help identify issues even if symptoms are not present — often saving time and grief for both the patient and the healthcare provider. The goal of the partnership is to scale this technology to encourage regular ECG screening and improve the patient experience for the PACE patients.

By leveraging Skiin Bio-sensing Garments and the Myant Virtual Clinic, PACE is able to monitor patients between their appointments**. We are pleased to announce that PACE Cardiology will be making the Myant Virtual Clinic and Skiin bio-sensing garments available for purchase to its patient base in the coming weeks.

Myant Health Skiin CVD starter Kit

The $275 CAD Skiin Starter Kit includes two Skiin Chest Bands, one set of electronics, access to the Skiin Connected Life App, and a constant connection for you, your loved ones, and healthcare practitioners who can support you on your wellness journey. The Skiin Starter Kit can be reimbursed as a medical device under certain private health insurance plans*.

The Myant Virtual Clinic allows for increased screening frequency and remote monitoring from home**.


This means that your ECG*** can be available to your cardiology team on a regular basis, from the comfort of your home or work — whatever is convenient for you. This is especially great for those who commute long distances to see a doctor, or for elderly patients who prefer to reduce exposure risk as we continue to battle the pandemic.

The Myant Virtual Clinic makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to take their own reading — sending it directly to the cardiology clinic for real-time or retrospective ECG analysis by your cardiologist.

We can improve the wellness of patients, and those living with chronic cardiac disease.

Myant is working to design a Patient-Centered healthcare model. This approach empowers patients and their families to make better informed decisions about their health. Data collected using the garments is available to the entire circle of care, as curated by the patient. The patient can then rely on both their health professionals and their close relatives and friends to improve and maintain their health. The data is securely stored and can be used to help establish the patient’s baseline and track improvements across multiple health domains over time.

Myant Health Continuum of Care

We can help lower healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes.

Imagine a healthcare system in which patients spend less time in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices, and more time engaging in prevention and receiving treatment. In our vision of the system, the patient is being monitored while going about their usual daily activities. Valuable data and information that help healthcare professionals make treatment and prevention decisions will be available in real time.

Doctor viewing patient file on Myant Health Clinical Portal
The Myant Virtual Clinic could help lower healthcare costs, while improving patient outcomes by lowering the number of unnecessary ‘routine’ hospital and clinic visits, while getting quicker and more focused attention as soon as an actionable item is identified. This can range from a significant deviation from the norm in the health baseline — changes in weight, poor non-restorative sleep, as well as a more conventional problem such as a cardiac arrhythmia. For example, the ECG of a patient suffering from arrhythmia will be readily available to their cardiology team in advance of them being seen by a doctor**.


With the Myant Virtual Clinic, clinicians can collect valuable information and monitor patients remotely**. This technology could be a game changer for healthcare — helping doctors and patients alike. We are incredibly excited about our partnership with PACE Cardiology and evolving the patient experience for those suffering from cardiac related illness.

Doctor taking notes from Skiin App

*The garment included in the Skiin Starter Kit is a Health Canada licenced class II medical device, licence #106352. The Skiin Starter Kit can be reimbursed as a medical device under certain private health insurance plans. If not covered under your health insurance benefits, then you can use this purchase as an eligible expense under your personal tax return. A tax credit can be claimed on personal tax returns for patients in Lines 33099 and 33199 (heart monitoring devices including repairs and batteries - prescription needed). Patients can also call the CRA Individuals Tax Inquiry Line for additional information at 1-800-959-8281.
**In the case of an emergency call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department. Continue to wear Skiin garments to help collect data which may be helpful in your care.
***Skiin is a 3 Lead ECG and is not the same as a 12 Lead ECG, such as those available at the PACE clinic or at the hospital; however, it is a significant source of data that can be used to guide patient care.

Written by Skiin Team

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