Today we are selecting 100 people to be the first to experience this new way of connecting their loved ones to care. Skiin EAP Phase 1 was designed as a human factors study that helps us better understand how users will use and interact with our garments and with the Skiin Connected Life App. Those who have been selected to participate in Phase 1 will be contacted in the coming days. If you are already on our waitlist but were not chosen, don’t fret ... We will be opening Phase 2 of the EAP in the near future!

Read on below to learn more about Skiin and how to get on the waitlist for Phase 2 of the Early Access Program!


What is Skiin?

Myant’s CEO Tony Chahine initially conceived of Skiin as a way for him to connect with his Dad who lived with dementia and participate more actively in his father's care and wellbeing from afar. He would wonder how his Dad was feeling, but trying to ask Dad or call loved ones to get updates was inadequate. Today, we are ready to demonstrate a solution to this challenge that many of us face.

Contents of the Skiin EAP - Phase 1 Starter Kit including underwear, pod, and charging kit

Skiin is comprised of biometric sensing garments connected through the Myant Platform to an app. When your loved one puts on a garment powered by Skiin, their body starts sending signals through the garment to a nearby phone or tablet which relays the data to the Myant Platform. This data is aggregated, sorted, and analyzed for helpful insights about your loved one’s wellbeing. That information can be shared with caregivers (such as yourself) through the Skiin Connected Life App.


Aura: A Simple Answer to “How is Dad Doing?” at Any Time, From Anywhere

Central to the way Skiin solves the problem of not knowing how a loved one is doing is Aura, a representation of the physical health and context of a person enabled by the Myant Platform. When someone puts on a garment powered by Skiin, the data sent to the Myant Platform continuously shapes their Aura. The Skiin Connected Life app uses information from your Aura to help you better understand the wellbeing of a loved one.

Regardless of the physical distance or the cognitive gap between you and your loved one, checking up on a loved one is possible just by opening up the Skiin Connected Life app and taking a look at their Aura. The biometric data (like heart rate and body temperature) and contextual information (like physical location and posture) help caregivers understand at a glance how their loved one is feeling without having to ask. More biometrics will be integrated into Aura in future updates to provide an even deeper, more holistic picture of wellbeing.



Have More Meaningful Conversations About Wellbeing with Aura

The Skiin Connected Life App features built in text, voice, and video chat capabilities that allow you to communicate with loved ones within the context of their Aura.

A loved one may tell you that they “feel fine” over text or a call but you still have a nagging suspicion that something is off. The ability to see their Aura within the flow of that conversation enables you to have more helpful dialogue about their wellbeing. Alternatively, a loved one may report in a video chat that they “don’t feel well”. Having their Aura overlaid on top of the video chat allows you to gain a more nuanced understanding of what may actually be going on with their body.


EAP Phase 2: Be Among the First to Experience a New Type of Connectedness

Get on the waitlist for Phase 2 of the Skiin Early Access Program by going to and following the Waitlist link (pictured above).

Stay tuned for more information about Phase 2 of the EAP!


Written by Hannah Fung

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